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These pages use the mid-latitude magnetometer data from SAMNET to provide information on the timing and location of substorm onsets in the European sector.

We provide an hourly update on substorm onsets detected by the York magnetometer in the last 24 hours (we anticipate that sometime in 2004 a magnetometer at Lancaster will be used instead). Once the SAMNET data from the remote stations has been collected and verified, it can be used for event analysis. Summary plots showing Pi2 activity and possible substorm onsets are available. A simple method of locating the field-aligned current 'wedge' associated with a substorm is described below and can be run through our data request system. A more comprehensive analysis method, originally developed by the Magnetospheric Physics Group and the University of York (Cramoysan et al., 1995.) is also available on a collaborative basis - please contact us for details. The STP events database includes the complete set of substorms detected by SAMNET.

To read more about how Substorm Timing and Location works with SAMNET, look at the following pages:

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