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The data format is as follows:

Headers: one per hour.
  structure: SSDD/MM/YYYY hhmmss rr gggg
  (fortran format: 2A1,I2.2,'/',I2.2,'/',I4.4,1X,3(I2.2),1X,I2.2,1X,4A1)
  (c format: %c%c%2.2d/%2.2d/%4.4d %2.2d%2.2d%2.2d %2.2d %4.4x)
  SS=station code
  DD=day of month
  rr=resolution (05 second)
  gggg=placeholder for gps information (not used in this format,
       contact us for further information)
Data: 3 columns, Geomagnetic H, D, Z components (all in nT)
  structure: hhhh.hh dddd.dd zzzz.zz
  (fortran format: F7.2,1X,F7.2,1X,F7.2)
  (c format: %7.2f %7.2f %7.2f)
  hhhh.hh=geomagnetic northward component, nT
  dddd.dd=geomagnetic eastward  component, nT
  zzzz.zz=vertically  downward  component, nT

The missing data value is 9999.9

The data is provided freely for bona-fide research purposes, under some simple data access rules. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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