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All the publication details are stored in a sophisticated publication database written by Dr Steve Marple. The database can be searched, and the results output in HTML or BibTeX (LaTeX bibliography) formats. In addition, a number of preprogrammed searches can be activated by clicking on the links further down this page.

 Click here to search the Publication Database.

Our database also contains general papers which we find useful, and a number of preprogrammed lists are given here in the hope that they are useful to other people too.

Individual publications

For individual's publications details please see our members list.

Preprogrammed searches specific to our group

search criteria search results
Publications of the Ionosphere and Radio Propagation Group HTML, BiBTeX
SAMNET publications HTML, BiBTeX
IRIS publications HTML, BiBTeX
ARIES publications HTML, BiBTeX
DASI publications HTML, BiBTeX
Rainbow (UK) publications HTML, BiBTeX,
SCASI publications HTML, BiBTeX
FPI publications HTML, BiBTeX

Preprogrammed general searches

search criteria search results
General riometer publications HTML, BiBTeX
General magnetometer publications HTML, BiBTeX
Heating (artificial modification) publications HTML, BiBTeX

 For corrections, omissions or other changes please email the database manager.
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