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This page contains brief descriptions for all currently ongoing projects. Where available, you can click on “Details...” to get more detailed information.

Heater-Induced Aurora (Details...)

High-resolution Maps of Characteristic Energy for Precipitating Particles over EISCAT (Details...)

Advanced Riometer Imaging Experiment in Scandinavia (ARIES) (Details...)

ARIES is a new imaging riometer offering enhanced spatial resolution compared to our existing imaging riometer (IRIS). Unlike IRIS, ARIES is based on a Mills Cross antenna configuration. Enhanced digital signal processing will enable ARIES to achieve a significant increase in spatial resolution whilst sufficiently suppressing the sidelobes inherent to a Mills Cross based system configuration.

Observations of ULF Wave Effects with an Imaging Riometer (Details...)

Modelling of Artificial Modification of the Ionosphere (Details...)

Multi Instrument Analysis Toolkit (MIA) (Details...)

The MIA package is a Matlab toolbox designed to process and visualise different types of Solar Terrestrial Physics data. Currently it supports riometer and all-sky camera data, with a magnetometer section under development.

STP Events Database (Details...)

Global Riometer Array (GLORIA) (Details...)

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