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IRIS data can be accessed in real-time using the appropriate software and password.

Conditions of Access

The following conditions of access apply:

These conditions are in addition to the standard `IRIS Rules of the Road'.


Gaining Access

If you believe you have a case to use real-time IRIS data please contact us by email. We regret that this facility is restricted to bona fide researchers only. Successful applicants will be issued with a username and password, valid for a specified duration, and be given further information.

Understanding the Real-time Data View

The dataview should look similar to this:

Absorption view

Check that the numbers and images displayed are absorption, not received power; look for the words "Decibels Absorption" on the righthand-side. If the words "Riometer Voltages" appear instead then please contact an IRIS administrator who will switch the display into the correct mode for you. If any error messages (flashing red text) are noted they should be reported to an IRIS administrator immediately.

Top left of the display shows the absorption scale. The four squares correspond to images averaged over four different periods: 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute and 10 minutes. Each image is composed of 7 × 7 squares, which relate to the 49 imaging beams. Please note that the beam centres are not arranged rectilinearly, so the displayed images are not spatially correct (this is allowed for in the real processing but not the real-time display). The accuracy of the quiet-day curves used by the real-time display cannot be guaranteed, so the values shown must be considered as preliminary data only.

The current absorption values are given in numberical format on the righthand-side of the display. Below this, in cyan, is the data stream from control box which should be ignored.

Other Data Formats

For scientific analysis data or plots may be requested in a variety of formats using the automated data request.

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