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At the top of each summary page is a form to select the date and data formats you wish to view. The form is split into several sections, which are described below

Date Controls

Dates are entered and displayed using the ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) to avoid confusion between English (DD/MM/YYYY) and American (MM/DD/YYYY) date formats. In JavaScript-enabled web browsers there is an option to view or enter the day of year.

Date controls
Date controls.

STP Data at Lancaster

STP data archived at Lancaster is plotted as summary plots in a variety of formats. All the still images are a standard width so that temporal comparisons can be easily made. To minimise the number of options on the form the data is selected by choosing the instruments you wish to include, and the data types you wish to see. You may have a wider choice of instruments than shown below, and some instruments are restricted to certain institutions.

Instrument selection
Instrument selection.

Riometer data is available in several formats: received power with QDC (P), absorption, (A), keograms (K) and movies (M). All-sky camera data from DASI, and energy map data are available as keograms (K) and movies (M).

Display format selection
Display format selection.

The displayed size of the movies can be altered with the movie scaling control. With a modern JavaScript-enabled web browser the changes should occur instantaneously, otherwise the page must be refreshed by pressing the "Go" button. The "group data" control allows the summary plots to be arranged so that data from the same instrument is grouped together, or plots of the same type are grouped together. This change only occurs on loading the next page (either by pressing the "Go" button or using one of the navigation buttons.

Movie scaling and data grouping controls
Movie scaling and data grouping controls.

Other Data/Instruments

The summary plots can also include data from other sources. To aid in data interpretation details from the STP events database for the selected day can be included. Note that not all events are included, only those which are likely to be relevant to the summary plots shown.

All other data from this section is included courtesy of our collaborators, and the images are fetched from their webservers.

Other data
Other data.

Page Updates and Settings

If your web browser has cookies enabled it is possible to save the options chosen. The date is not saved. The page is updated to show the details selected by pressing "Go". Alternatively, one of the navigation buttons can be used to show the previous or next day with the options currently selected.

Save settings
Save settings.

Navigation buttons

At the top of each data format is a set of navigation buttons, to browse the previous or next day's data. The buttons honour all the information entered in the form (including the date, so "previous" is the selected date minus one day and "next" is the selected date plus one day). The new page should scroll automatically to keep the selected data format in view.

Navigation buttons
Navigation buttons.

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