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The forms below provide an interface to request STP data from the archive at Lancaster University. Requests are processed automatically, magnetometer data may take only a few seconds, riometer data may take a few minutes. All users are required to register so that our funding body (STFC), our collaborators, and ourselves can monitor the data usage.

Select the type of data/plot you require. You will then be able to customise the data/plot options. If you want to revisit a recent data/plot request see the recent requests page.

Riometer beam data/plots

Riometer data organised as samples from the original beams. Choose this option to obtain line plots or data from selected beams. For keograms, image plots and movies see the riometer image data/plots form.

Riometer image data/plots

Riometer data/plots where the data points have been aligned onto a regular (and user-definable) grid. This form provides the option to select keograms, image plots and movies of cosmic noise absorption.

Magnetometer data/plots

Magnetometer data from SAMNET, and also selected data from IMAGE and British Geological Survey magnetometers.

New-style plots:
Old-style plots:

Substorm location plots

Substorm location plots using SAMNET data. To find archived substorm times please see the STP events database.

STP Events database searches

Search our STP events database and download the results as a CSV file.

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